Here's full details of all the theme options included with Simplist - you can access these via your Customize page to change the appearance and functionality of your blog.


The Basics

Title - this is where you set the Title of your blog, which is displayed underneath your avatar (it is hidden if you upload a logo) and in the title of the page in your browser.

Description - this is for some basic information about your blog. It is displayed underneath the Title.



Background - this sets the background color for the whole page.

Border - this sets the border color that surrounds the whole page.

Blog Title - this sets the text color of your Title, under the avatar.

Description - this sets the text color of your Description, under the Title.

Post Background - this sets the background color for the Posts on your blog, as well as the background of the menu and load more buttons.

Post Titles - this sets the text color for the the titles and quotes in your posts.

Text - this sets the main text color for your posts.

Link - this sets the color for links in your posts and menu/load more buttons.

Link Hover - this sets the hover color for links in your posts.



Avatar - you can upload a custom Avatar image, which over-rides your default avatar.

Background - you can upload a custom background image for your whole page.

Logo - you can upload a Logo image, which will remove your Avatar and Title.



Load More Text - sets the text inside the 'load more' button.

Footer Text - sets the text in the footer of the page, next to the copyright statement.

Maximum Width - let's you over-ride the default maximum width of posts, so you can have a narrower blog layout.

Google Analaytics Code - enter your Profile ID for Google Analytics tracking - see full details here.

Disqus Shortname - simply add your Disqus Shortname here to enable Disqus comments on your blog.

Font embed code, family logo, family titles, family body - let's you set up custom fonts, see full details here.

URL icons - let's you link to your other websites/social media, see full details here.



Pagination - choose which pagination method to use: 'load more' adds a simple button you hit to load more posts, 'infinite scroll' loads posts as you scroll, and 'standard' adds basic previous/next page buttons.

Circle Avatar - makes all avatars shown on your blog circles.

Show Title Internally - shows the Title on individual post/permalink pages.

Show Description Internally - shows the Description on individual post/permalink pages.

Show Menu Internally - shows the main Menu on individual post/permalink pages.

Show Archive Link - shows a link to your archive in the main menu.

Show Social Menu - shows the social icons menu.

Show Social Menu Internally - shows the social icons menu on individual post/permalink pages.

Images Fill Width - scales the images in your posts to match the post width, find out more here.

White Icons - changes the icons at the bottom of posts to white, in case you are using a dark background color.

Show Meta On Home - shows extra information at the bottom of your posts on the home page.

Show Group Author - if you are running a Group blog, show the group author details at the bottom of individual post/permalink pages.

Tile Background - sets the background image (if you uploaded one) to tile/repeat, instead of filling the screen.